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a modern dance

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entrada do triunfo [Feb. 2nd, 2007|04:13 pm]
a modern dance
winter's dust is made from a different sort of honey, and it catches in my throat, stealing countless breaths as the thief, night, who takes plenty but leaves gifts to be unwrapped come morning, but morning never comes soon enough for the insomniac.

i got my autographed josh rouse/paz suay ep in the mail today. paz is his new girlfriend... lucky slut.

see y'all in another year.
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who wants some love vibration? [Feb. 7th, 2006|05:46 pm]
a modern dance
[mood |happya good one]
[music |sufjan stevens - vito's ordination song]

josh rouse is going to be back in the states on tour in april. there's nothing incredibly close to springfield, but if anyone's up for a road trip, it'd be a lot of fun. here are the closest places/dates:

Saturday, Apr 01, 2006 The Variety, Atlanta, GA (12 hours)
Friday, Apr 14, 2006 The Annex, Madison, WI (9 hours)
Saturday, Apr 15, 2006 Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN (10 hours)
Monday, Apr 24, 2006 Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX (10 hours)
Tuesday, Apr 25, 2006 Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX

let me know what you think.
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hi with a sheepish grin [Dec. 10th, 2005|06:20 pm]
a modern dance
[mood |exanimatereflective]
[music |diana krall - a case of you]

i want to drive around and look at the christmas lights. thing is, it's not so easy as just going out and doing it. it can only be done under certain circumstances. for example, i'm not gonna drive around looking at christmas lights with a carload of guys, nor by myself. you see where i'm going with this. so i'm up the proverbial creek, it seems. maybe this year i won't see the lights at all. certain things i'm quite capable of, other things i'm not, and still others i have no clue as to whether i'm capable or not, either from never trying or from not having tried them in quite a long time. maybe there just aren't any lights worth seeing this year.
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2005|03:43 am]
a modern dance
[music |matthew ryan - chrome]

tomorrow's meaning dances modern. tomorrow i'll be dead. could it be not the first? i know the answer - i took college algebra. and yet the rain still falls. the accolades still await, inviting me into the fold. ah, the modern dance. pause for the beat of the phantom. the wildfire speaks randomly, but it speaks randomly of now, and of keystroaks, and of things that matter only to you and i. you and i, though, cared for the weather, the smell of winter, shelter again and again, and only a long breath in between. while the oh beautiful nothing made an anthem for us all, but meant nothing. right? we fall back to just above the horizon - we all know that we sit not below. and we all smile in solitude... and in asking. and at this point i ask the same people but with separate names: what do these everything keystrokes do? what actions do my dancing legs proceed? desire? of course. environment shakes us all, and we vomit. not from disgust but from lack of an orange sky. where is that dream? i felt it once upon a time, as we all did (or shall), but the echo breathes so much deeper than its predecessor... my biting mind, it bites only at me. but yours bites only at you. when those nasty marks we notice, we bite back and wait for tomorrow's forgiveness. you and i, let's put greatness back in that jar. think of the others who stumbled after trying to find one out of so many doubles. long breaths mean more than a cave and that elusive strawberry gives us enough to think about. they'll tell us that. you'll tell me that. i'll tell you that. we'll all hear much before the sweetest euphemism. the old man? he taps his feet to the rhythm of that song he listened to way back when. it was a modern dance, way back when. funny how things change. funnier how things don't.
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i dreamt once of morning [Sep. 5th, 2005|04:44 am]
a modern dance
[mood |exanimatewistful]
[music |matthew ryan - certainly never]

let's go to that place we dreamt of, when morning would come too soon but for that time tripped over his feet. i'll spend the next few yesterdays smiling as i fret, wondering if you are too. are you? your house is the only one with shingles i know, and i find meaning beyond and within them as the engine idles in anticipation. breaths bow to the moment for us both, and i wonder if you wonder when i'll touch your hand. here i go. but wait. can i? will you let me. the strength i cherish zig-zags below the horizon for a bit, then darts just above it. here i go. i surfaced with that strength, but it's an orphan now. i shake, with a cool hand. let's go forward as crazy and beautiful as the beyond we don't dare fathom, because that's just silly. it was until now. now the crazy beautiful knows leaps and bounds over buildings that never really meant anything to us anyway. tonight the wind pushes us where we would shake but for our hands meeting each other. let's go to that place just above the riverbed and let the stereo whisper, while sweet nothings belie the timeless truth of nature as we know it. tonight the stars don't ask to be batteries. they're the chorus, and our song sings its first verse.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2005|06:01 am]
a modern dance
[music |richard buckner - song of 27]

those songs play again, with gifts opened with two tears. but no one's the luckiest. and green eyes tell us it's been done before, but we know nothing's crazy beautiful today, because the train will keep on keeping on, in merry melodies. but not ours. and so the nobody on tomorrow's page gives us that god-damned grin, while we just burn it to keep warm. tonight's thunder brings the lightning that breathed us in and made us one, without need for touching, as we skipped upon the rocks and invited twilight into our souls. in the end showed up before the promises, which cheapen every today's morning. and come what may, some things come that may not. but surely not this. wasn't that the plan? the old man, he shakes his head.
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can you touch your chest? [Sep. 3rd, 2005|02:56 am]
a modern dance
[music |josh rouse - late night conversation]

the end of a week smiles, but remembering the end of the other leaves me reaching with my first and last arm for the surface. the sting numbs more than anything else. you can find him in the mire but i only look listlessy toward the 300th degree or so. with a breathing swallow and tomorrow my only company. and nature chuckles. the old hat never got old until the wind took it away. the eyes of the wind won't meet mine, they won't meet yours, but where they meet must be a perfect shot in the dark. and so hope finds its way yet again into the immortal three. what of the other two? one i found no room for, so long ago now. the other left me for the first. the story of a pretty life.
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an ash for your thoughts [Sep. 1st, 2005|05:42 pm]
a modern dance
[mood |listlesslistless]
[music |rufus wainwright]

the old man shakes his head. he sits in his chair on the back porch and when i come around shakes his head. i ride the wisdom but keep falling off. at the same time, though, i seem to have a nack for putting the boxes and triangles in their respective holes with perfect precision. all those years of no-matter seem to be paying off, but i have no need for monopoly money. and the band keeps playing and getting bigger. ruin of hallowed ground comes slowly, with vengeance in its wake. such wake we'll all surf, until the wake becomes ruin. but that won't matter because others will be there to ride other wakes. the real ones - the last ones - won't ride ripples. they'll make oceans like you and i have never seen. tomorrow's us could be them, though. but then, i have things to do tomorrow.
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2005|12:36 am]
a modern dance
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |laughter]

been talking to josh tonight, or rather listening, while he tells me about lavina, miracles and christmas with jesus, among other things.

women and menCollapse )

i'm seen tonight by the one who comes and goes, but never refuses. a gentle knowing smile greets my occasional glance in his direction. a knowing smile and forever slow breathing. the same smile and breathing i saw the first time i looked.
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closed eyes smiling [Mar. 5th, 2005|04:52 pm]
a modern dance
[mood |ecstaticunjustified euphoria]
[music |oleander - i walk alone (acoustic)]

it's days like today i forget all my songs about trains. i'm in my face, smiling. no longer moving so fast, at least not for right now. the wind grabs and pulls, gives and goes, and the old man just hopped out of his chair on the porch and did a little jig. i can hardly see him and he doesn't even know i can. i feel like waltzing with myself in the open field behind the house. the old man and i, we're dancing the same dance, but only if you close your eyes. go ahead and close them: you can dance too. today's sun is the puppetmaster, and so am i. with subtle winking and knowing grins, the sun and i put on such a show. the audience chants in tune, throws out a few requests, and the world tastes like peach papaya to the parched. the end gets a gentle smile and a velvet gaze through to the center, and gladly returns the sentiment. you can have it too.
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